8 Ways to Earn Money Online


The world has been trending digital for the past 10 years. We know this. But online work has increased exponentially as more people adapt to their new work-from-home life and start to see the possibility of a digital nomad life for themselves. I, myself, have made the switch and I can tell you – I’ll […]

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The world has been trending digital for the past 10 years. We know this.

But online work has increased exponentially as more people adapt to their new work-from-home life and start to see the possibility of a digital nomad life for themselves.

I, myself, have made the switch and I can tell you – I’ll never go back.

The ability to set my own hours, my own rate, and change my location at will is the definition of freedom for me. And it’s attainable for you, too!

Here are 8 different ways to earn money online and create your own limitless, cubicle-free, career.

Manage Social Media

If everyone’s going digital, then everyone’s getting social. You can’t run an online business without social media anymore.

Which means there’s a high demand for social media management.

Social media demands constant attention, and business owners have a million things to juggle, so they often hire social media managers to keep their channels running and relevant.

Duties may include

  • creating, editing and curating content

  • strategic SEO, captioning and hashtags

  • analyzing the best times of day and week to post

  • ongoing engagement with the audience

  • maintaining a content calendar and scheduling posts

So if you’re organized, creative, and interested in the analytics and algorithms of social media – social media management might be the perfect job for you.

Become an Online Coach

There are some people who are just naturally good at lifting others up and encouraging others to get to where they want to be.

Maybe they do this by lending a listening ear, giving a little tough love, strategically mapping out the next steps, analyzing what’s not working…

Whatever the approach is, you can offer your guidance in exchange for money. Especially if you’ve already achieved some success in the subject you’re offering advice about. You can become a digital coach.

I know that title might sound scary…”who am I to become a coach?”

But if you know even 10% more than your audience does, you have something to offer them.

Now is the perfect time to dive into the up and coming world of online coaching as more and more people adopt the digital life.

Offer Web Design + Development Services

Websites aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So being able to design and develop websites is a lucrative skill in this day and age. And you don’t have to know how to code from scratch, either!

Web development is being simplified significantly as the digital era rages on. Now, virtually all website hosting services like Sqaurespace, WordPress, ShowIt, etc. offer “drag and drop” web build features that allow you to build a basic website with just a day’s work.

Now if you want to earn the big bucks, I’d recommend learning a bit of HTML and CSS to further customize the websites and charge more for your skill and time.

But the possibilities here are endless. And it can be fun!

Sell your Photos Online

If you’re a photographer, I bet you have some awesome photos stored away in old desktop folders or harddrives. Why not make some extra change from them?

The online space is highly visual and businesses need quality photos to express their brand, communicate their message and entertain their viewers. And not all businesses have the resources to hire a photographer specifically for their purposes. That’s where stock photos come in.

You can publish your photos to paid stock sites, etsy, or even make your own website to sell bundles of photos you’ve already taken. Easy peasy!

Make and Sell Digital Courses

Think about something you’ve accomplished recently.

Do you know anyone else that might be interested in getting to where you are now? Well, I have good news for you. You can sell your knowledge and experience for money.

People want to learn from people who have been where they want to be, which gives you a great opportunity to teach them. Online.

Now, it does take a bit of effort on your part – you need to make a digital course. This means logically laying out your best tips and tricks and resources in a curriculum that’s easily digestible through presentations, free resources, tutorials, etc. just like a school teacher would.

But once you’ve made and marketed the course, you can sit back, relax, and watch your new passive income stream thrive.

Offer Graphic Design Services

If you have an eye for design, you can offer that skill as a service to entrepreneurs who are looking to brand their businesses.

You can become a brand specialist or brand designer and create entire brands – logos, color palettes, font suites, etc. Or you can offer one-off collateral like flyers and social media graphics.

Everyone is online now, and art will always be necessary, so there’s plenty of opportunities.

Become an Influencer

Being an influencer means creating content for brands and sharing that content on your social media channels in effort to influence your community to buy from the brands you share.

I know what you’re thinking…you can’t possibly be an influencer because you don’t have thousands of followers and you’re not going to get them overnight.

But it truly doesn’t take thousands of followers to be an influencer. Micro-influencers are actually more effective for some companies and industries than celebrities with large communities.

So don’t count yourself out. If you want to work with brands and enjoy content creation, this can be a serious consideration for you.

I do a little bit of this, myself, so if you’re curious about how to start pitching and monetizing, let’s chat!

Build an eCommerce shop

Have an idea for a product that’s missing from the market? Great! Start selling it online.

You don’t need a brick-and-mortar storefront anymore. You just need a website and a little bit of marketing.

And while that may seem daunting at first, remember that there are plenty of people out there willing to help – and it’ll be a lot cheaper than building a physical store from the ground up and staffing it around the clock.

Thankfully, no matter which of these paths you choose, there are plenty of resources in the online world to help you get where you’re going. You may need to hire an online coach to learn how to become an online coach (hint hint, that’s what I offer) or invest in a digital course to build a digital course (did that, too).

And before you know it, you’ll be earning the same amount (if not more) than you were in your cubicle job, but with more freedom and flexibility.

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