29 of my Favorite FREE Tools to Uplevel your Business


There are countless digital resources that exist to support business owners like you. And thank goodness! But in the beginning, I know it can be challenging to find the tools that are 1. relevant to your business and 2. not going to break the bank. So after years of research and trial and error, I’ve […]

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There are countless digital resources that exist to support business owners like you. And thank goodness!

But in the beginning, I know it can be challenging to find the tools that are 1. relevant to your business and 2. not going to break the bank.

Free business tools

So after years of research and trial and error, I’ve listed for you, in no particular order, my top 30 free solutions to uplevel your business. Read now, thank me later!

  1. Ecosia is a sustainable search engine! For every 45ish searches, Ecosia commits to plant 1 tree. And right now, they’re planting roughly one tree every second. Big fan.

  2. Google AdSense allows you to monetize ads on your website. All you need is a Google account and website content to get started.

  3. Tik Tok is one of the newer social media platforms available, and it’s all about video. I definitely recommend hopping on board sooner rather than later, as it’s not completely saturated yet and has a high virality factor. If you’re curious, check my profile out!

  4. Click up is a one-stop-shop productivity and organization tool. You can create and categorize tasks and lists, invite colleagues or clients, upload files, set deadlines, and much much more. The LU team uses it daily!

  5. Calameo is a publishing powerhouse. Organize your publications into subscriptions, experiment with languages, peak into your viewer analytics, quickly add a table of contents, allow for downloads, etc.

  6. arranges your favorite blogs and publications in a visual manner based on categories you create. It’s AI bot, Leo, knows what your interests are and filters your feed accordingly.

  7. Juxtapose helps you compare two pieces of media in order to highlight changes. This is helpful for showcases before-and-afters and progress shots.

  8. Storymap allows you to create custom interactive maps to tell your story better.

  9. Unsplash is a repository of free, high quality stock photos.

  10. Pexels is a destination for free and paid stock photos and videos.

  11. Audacity is an open source, cross-platform audio software, which is a great resource if you’re thinking of starting a podcast 😉

  12. Wistia is a video marketing software that allows you to upload video without losing quality, add interactive features, and track viewer analytics.

  13. Envato hosts stock photos, video, audio, graphics, templates and more! It’s a business owner (and creative’s) dream. Buy one-off resources, or activate a paid subscription for unlimited downloads.

  14. Gifmaker provides an easy way to make a static graphic a little more interesting. Just upload your photos or video clip and watch the magic happen.

  15. Canva is my personal favorite. If you’re looking to create some of your brand’s creative assets but aren’t interested in all of the bells and whistles of Adobe Creative Suite, this platform is for you. They have stunning templates, a smooth user experience, and the option to upgrade to unlock more features.

  16. Preview app is a freemium Instagram feed planner. Upload unlimited photos, videos, and carousels and curate your feed before scheduling to Instagram.

  17. Social Selling Index by LinkedIn measures your social selling efforts so you know how well you’re actually converting. You get a free score, and can learn about paid options to boost your ROI.

  18. Linktree allows you to add various links to your Instagram bio URL.

  19. Mojo app helps you create animated stories for your Instagram. You can benefit from the free version or upgrade to a subscription to unlock premium features.

  20. is another easy-to-use resource for my GIF-lovers. Once you sign up, you can customize photos, scenes or stickers to your liking and get sharing.

  21. Later is a social media manager’s best friend. You can curate, schedule and analyze your social posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn all in a single app. The convenience is invaluable.

  22. Motion Mail allows you to create beautiful countdown visuals to add to your marketing emails. The power of zero hour creates a sense of urgency to boost conversions.

  23. 10 Minute Mail gives you an email address that’s valid for only 10 minutes. So next time you want to sign up for something and could do without the spam, try it out!

  24. Google analytics is a powerful platform that reports on your website data. This is massively helpful when trying to identify who is really coming to and from your site, and how to optimize the content you present.

  25. Google Cloud Vision uses AI to assign and test image labels to make sure your SEO is optimized.

  26. Pagespeed Insights allows you to analyze how fast your website loads, which is a super important part of your customer’s experience. Nobody’s got time to waste!

  27. Hotjar will analyze your website’s analytics and then actually tell you what insight the numbers provide! It takes the guess-work out of metrics.

  28. Ghostery exposes the trackers and plugins on websites. Use it to understand how your data is being collected, or to uncover the features your competition is using on their website.

  29. Waybackmachine is a fun one. It lets you see what your website looked like 5 years ago! I like to use this with my clients to show them just how far they’ve come.

As you can see, I’m obsessed with exploring new free marketing tools. Do you have some cool ones yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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