My Morning Routine & Affirmations for Starting the Day off Right!


This may come as a shock to you: but I wasn’t always big into “mediation” or “affirmations” or “morning routines” or “all that woo-woo stuff.” I know, I know, I’m TOTALLY that way now…but in the beginning, I was pretty skeptical!  Except the thing was, I kept seeing successful people (who I looked up to […]

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This may come as a shock to you: but I wasn’t always big into “mediation” or “affirmations” or “morning routines” or “all that woo-woo stuff.” I know, I know, I’m TOTALLY that way now…but in the beginning, I was pretty skeptical! 

Except the thing was, I kept seeing successful people (who I looked up to and aspired to be like!) raving about how important it was to train your subconscious mind. They talked about meditation and morning routines and all that fun stuff like it really worked. So I tried it. And wow

The more I researched, and then the more I started implementing a serious morning routine, the more I realized how vital these things are to creating a successful and happy life! It was crazy the changes I started seeing!

That’s why I’m sharing my morning routine with you today — so you can start creating the amazing abundance in your life that you deserve. 

WARNING: this stuff? Life-changing!!!

My Alarm Goes Off at 6:30 AM…

I love starting the day off early! It gives me so much energy and adds way more time to the day. I try to snooze as little as possible (2 to 3 times…max 😉). Getting up right away is so important for starting everything off on the right foot. 

Affirmation Time!

The next thing on my routine checklist is reading my affirmations. I absolutely have to read these out loud, too! A lot of people skip the “out loud” part (if they do this at all!) because they feel self-conscious. 

But you’re in your own house, boo!!! Scream it from the rooftops!!!

Because the actually crazy thing is NOT taking advantage of the totally free ability that we all have inside us to change our lives through the power of voicing our affirmations! 

Here’s a sneak peak at my personal affirmations I say every day:

Yep, nothing is off the table. I have affirmations for my finances, health, business, and love-life. Get it all out there!

Meditation Time!

Next up is my meditation or Yoga, depending on whether I want to move my body or not. The important thing about this step is focusing on breathing and being present in the moment. Sometimes that means doing a bit of yoga to get my body stretching and moving. And sometimes that just means sitting peacefully and doing breathwork.

While I meditate, I usually think about nothing but my breathing. Clearing the mind is a wonderful exercise for creating energy and focus for your day! 

Sometimes though, I like to visualize how my life will look in the future. I think about the smells, the feelings, the doorknob I’ll be holding for my luxury villa in Hawaii! I really dive deep into what it would be like if I was actually there. This helps align my subconscious mind with my affirmations!

Get totally ready!

After I’ve started the day off right, it’s time for my face routine, shower, and making myself ready. Getting ready for the day makes me feel so much better than when I lay around in pajamas all day! Seriously, I do my makeup and everything. Even if I’m sure I’m not going to meet anyone that day! Because of course, the day you don’t get ready is the day you see someone hot in the supermarket (sorry, Justin 😉 ). 

Always put on real clothes, even if you’re just working from home — it changes your whole mood and mindset!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least…

Breakfast and journaling!!!

Sometimes my journaling is just 2 sentences, and other times I write for 3 pages front and back. I don’t force myself to write any particular amount or on any particular topic — I just let it flow! 

Some days I write out to-do lists, and some days I really dig deep and think about how I’m going to serve my clients, create my future, improve myself, and keep myself on top of my game!

Morning routines. Manifestation. Meditation. Journaling. The thing is: they are proven to work by so many successful people! 

And when I don’t do it? Oh, boy, I really feel it. 

Doing my morning routine (and taking it seriously!) sets my whole day up for success, and all those hundreds of successful days turn into a rich and beautiful life.

Plus the ultra-cool thing about a morning routine? It’s free. Everyone can do it! It’s at the disposal of literally everyone. 

So the real question is: why not? Why not improve your business, your love-life, your friendships? Why not start the day off right?

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