My Morning Routine & Affirmations for Starting the Day off Right!

This may come as a shock to you: but I wasn’t always big into “mediation” or “affirmations” or “morning routines” or “all that woo-woo stuff.” I know, I know, I’m TOTALLY that way now…but in the beginning, I was pretty skeptical!  Except the thing was, I kept seeing successful people (who I looked up to […]



5 Steps to Build an Online Business from Scratch


How Visualisation Helps to Grow Your Business


The Three Best Scheduling Apps for Instagram


How to Never Not Know What To Say on a Client Coaching Call

private coaching

An online coaching business can be so much fun. How do I know?  Since the pandemic we all needed to shift in one way or another. When I just started my self-employed life in January with a vegan brunch and workshop business, I soon realised I needed to shift. And that’s when online coaching came […]

6 Tips to Get Your First Clients as an Online Coach

Private Coaching

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The power of the transformation lies in the power of the conversation.  When you’re a coach, you usually get a 15 minute discovery chat, or a 1 hour coaching conversation, or a 4 hour intensive to coach your client. In that time frame, it’s your job to help the client improve and grow, and over […]

3 Tips for Getting Consistent Results for Your Coaching Clients


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Oh no, an unhappy client — WORST NIGHTMARE EVER, RIGHT? Actually, it doesn’t have to be! Unhappy clients are inevitable. Sooner or later, you’ll run into a client who doesn’t like your services. In fact, you might have already.  But that doesn’t mean you’re a bad entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, etc. Unhappy clients can mean […]

Dealing With an Unhappy Client (The Right Way!)


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I absolutely love this quote from Seth Godin:  “The people who get things done, who lead, who grow and make an impact — those people have goals.” I love it because it’s TRUE. Goals are crucial to getting things done, leading, growing, and making an impact. And isn’t that exactly what we all want to […]

How I Set Goals That Actually Get Accomplished


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Back in the time before the coronavirus (I know: there was such a thing!!!???), my boyfriend, Justin, and I were traveling in Australia. And we suddenly found ourselves needing a job. Travel happens to cost money…apparently. 😉 I loved seeing all those entrepreneurs working together, building a network, and finding other like-minded online business people! […]

The Marketing Strategy Behind Launching my Coworking Space


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Let’s clear something up right now: money is not your enemy!!! You might be thinking: DUH! Of course it isn’t. I’d love some more money! But what you might not realize is that a lot of us have subconscious beliefs about money that actually hold us back from making more of it. Yes — the […]

MONEY IS NOT THE ENEMY. And why you may not be making enough of it…


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Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with journaling. Staring at a blank page is never much fun…. Or maybe it’s just time to mix up your journaling habits so you can get even more out of the process!  The thing about journaling is that it has levels. You can have surface-level […]

4 Journaling Prompts for Creating Abundance in Your Life


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paid ads for an online coach

If you’ve read my blogs before, I’m sure you have a pretty clear idea of how important organic traffic and engagement is for your business. You want your clients to be drawn to you because you’re genuinely offering what they’re looking for, and they trust you to deliver. If you’ve established that symbiotic relationship, you’re […]

Promoting your Coaching Services with Paid Ads

Private Coaching

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tips for entrepreneurs

  The fastest way to get to where you want to be is to learn from those who have already been there. So today I’m going to share some #entrepreneurwisdom with you to keep in mind as you build your empire. The riches are in the niches There are a lot of unknowns when first […]

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs (From an Entrepreneur)


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website builder as online coach

Make no mistake, you NEED a website. But which website builder to go with? I will tell you, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. From Wix, to WordPress, to Squarespace, to Showit, to self-developed websites. I’m ya gurl when it comes to messing with website builders.  Questions you should ask yourself: Are you working with a web designer […]

Choosing a Website Builder: Pros and Cons of my Top 3 Choices


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